FDG4500 Circular Mill It is mainly uses milling processing methods,max face cutter diameter can reach 300mm, Specifically developed for the machining of large flanges, such as wind tower or large、 crane base machining Facing Range: 79.0 - 178.0" Clamping Range: 79.0 - 176.0" Features: Large, heavy-duty construction-grade bearing 2 output hydraulic power unit Milling spindle head with #50 taper spindle easily handles face mill up to 12 inches (300.0mm) in diameter Download FDG4500 Circular Mills is designed for machining of large flanges, wind turbine rotor blades and wind turbine tower flanges. Crane pedestals and heavy construction and mining. Precise Bearing & Steady Main Body Provide the most powerful guarantee for machining using precise bearing & steady main body, equipped with adjustment leg and Jacking leg, various sizes of feet, Easy and fast to install on site. Smooth Cutting All feed of Milling spindle head adopt precision machined dovetail ways and adjustable Turcite-B coated gibes provide smooth accurate travel. Rotary Joints Solve the problem of oil hosing [...]