joysung history

JOYSUNG, as a China leading supplier of commercial and industrial portable precision machinery, which gets many years of experience and exposure across the petrochemical, refining, power generation, offshore marine , shipyard building , mining maintenance and repairing.

Since 2004,We have always been committed to providing a professionaequipment tools to all of our clients.

JOYSUNG has been deeply involved in the different industries for decades with rich experience and skilled technicians on site portable line boring & welding ,flange facer, line milling & drilling, which has been helping variety of complex planned shutdown and emergency outages to achieve the highest tolerances and requirements under virtually all conditions.

Since 2012 , We have started our international sales distribution channel.Our products have been used in various countries like USA, Canada , Russia , South Africa , Middle East.

JOYSUNG always insists: “Innovation is the driving force for continuous advancement of enterprises and the life of enterprises”. In recent years, it has continuously increased investment in technology research and development, expanded the scope of technology research and development, focused on innovation of design concepts, enhanced independent research and development capabilities, and developed unique Innovative products to meet the needs of the rapid development of modern industrial production and the continuous optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

JOYSUNG’s main products include: engineering machinery boring machine, portable boring machine, portable flange processing machine, portable surface milling machine, portable drilling machine, etc. In 2015, it successfully signed an agency agreement with German EIBENSTOCK company and became the German EIBENSTOCK China region. Exclusive agent.

With its standardized management concept, good working environment, harmonious working atmosphere and positive working attitude, JOYSUNG provides high-quality products and high-standard services to the market and continuously enhances brand influence.

JOYSUNG has a strict internal quality control system and has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification to achieve international standardization of R&D, design, production, engineering services, sales and management of portable processing equipment.


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