LMA1000 Line Milling 2 Axis milling machine, Used on heat exchangers, pump and motor pads, steel mill stands, ship building, turbine split lines...... X Axis Stroke:1000mm(40.0″)    Z Axis Stroke:250mm(10.0″) Feature: It can mounts directly to our Gantry milling machines. Hand & Auto feed to main axis(2 axis) Standard power option: 2 output hydraulic power unit DOWNLOAD LMA Series line milling machine is 2 axis line milling machine, it can be used on heat exchangers, pump and motor pads, steel mill stands, ship building, turbine split lines and many more applications. Easy To Set Up Equipped with mounting base, it can be installed onto the work piece directly, magnetic base is optional. Spindle Milling Head Two model of milling head as options, 40# spindle milling head allows use of face mills up to 8.0 inches (200 mm) in diameter, 50# spindle milling head allows you to utilize face mills up to 12.0 inches (300mm) in diameter, and more. The milling head can be rotated through [...]