LMB1000 Line Milling Machines LMB1000 LINE MILLING MACHINE is better choice for repairing rectangle size surface. It is fixed with bolt locking. Compact and lightweight, easily installation and disassembly two person, achieving working within limited space. It is a preferred tool for machining small size surface and keyway milling on site or in shop. Save your time and cost. Perfectly fulfilling keyway milling and surface machining through replacing the cutter. Specifications X Axis(Bed) Stroke 1000mm Y Axis(Arm) Stroke - Standard 100mm Y Axis(Arm) Stroke - Option 200mm Z Axis Stroke 150mm Spindle Head Taper NT40  Maximum Cutter Diameter 160mm(NT40)  Milling Spindle Power - Hydraulic 18.5KW, 60L/min Milling Spindle Power - Pneumatic 3KW Auto Feed Power Unit - Hydraulic 20L/min Auto Feed Power Unit- Electric Heavy Duty Electric Feed Auto Feed Power Unit- Pneumatic 0.7KW Feed Rate 35-750mm/min Spindle R.P.M.(Hydraulic) 0-740 Spindle R.P.M.(Pneumatic) 0-650 Digital Read Out Z Axis Digital Scale Shipping Weight Shipping Dimensions material Spindle Head Cutter Diameter Spindle R.P.M. Dep Of Cut Feed Rate Gantry Milling NT50 250mm [...]