LMD4000 Gantry Mill Machine One machine, two machining modes, you can flexibly switch between line milling and gantry milling , according to field machining conditions and on site machining requirements. X Axis Stroke: 4000mm (157.0 ")  Y Axis : 1000mm (40.0")、1500mm(60.0")、2000mm(80.0")、3000mm(120.0") Feature: Bed connection system provides the ultimate in rigidity All beds are made of forged parts of alloy structural steel The arm is made of aluminum alloy 3 output hydraulic power unit Superior Machining The LMD4000 linear and gantry milling machine can achieve multiple machining methods. It is flexible to use line milling or gantry milling according to the actual situation. Machining width can be adjusted freely within the specified range under gantry milling for machining surface, seal groove and square flange surface. Typical applications for repair compressor mounting base, motor mounting base, rolling mill arches, ship loaders, mining machinery etc. Perfect Design Forged bed structure can make sure to achieve the maximum stiffness and precision for line milling or gantry milling within accurate tolerances. It [...]