TDG50 Line Boring Machine Our TDG50 Line Boring is a lightweight, portable, line boring machine, it can be adapted to variety of the narrow space, high-altitude complex processing needs. It combines our more than 15 years of experience on site engineering service, advanced industry design concept and field boring capability. Boring Diameter: 55-300mm(standard)    38-300mm(optional) Features: Integrated rotary drive unit and automatic feed unit. Bore cutter measuring and diameter measuring ruler. Download Lightweight construction, performance excellence Gearbox System Integrated rotation drive unit and auto feed unit together creatively, only 9.5KG, more portable, step less Speed regulation range 0 to 0.5mm, easily achieve the forward and reverse exchange. Easy Set Up Equipped with 3 legs mount kit, which can be adjusted to different angle, to meet different holes. Measuring tools Equipped with bore cutter measuring tool and diameter measuring ruler. Superior scalability  Optional one smaller boring bar to achieve boring diameterØ38-300mm.  Optional facing head, to achieve face processing of pipe and flanges.  Optional bore welder used [...]