Portable line boring machine is mainly applied to repair for shaft pin hole of mining, construction equipment and machining and maintenance on pump, value, turbine. Its offered equipment repair and maintenance services to mining, offshore, shipyard, petroleum, metallurgy and power plant industry due to its portability and powerful processing capabilities on site.

Portable line boring is markedly used in sorts of industries, the following article simply list the applications of line boring machines in specific industries and installation, centering on site based on our 15 years’ engineering experience and customers’ feedback.

No matter which industry it is used in, usually the installation of line boring only have 2 options: welding fixed or bolt fixed. Its centering options: set-up cones, rapid centering system, dial indicator.
In the past years, most of portable line boring centering using set-up cones. Although it’s very fast and simple for centering, it cannot achieve centering against oval holes, and the accuracy is poor.

Our TDG50/TDG50IMP/TDG60 line boring machine uses rapid centering system with triangular support, and each support bottom  is equipped with a magnet which can be directly attached to the edge of the hole to be machined. Three bolts can adjust the centering,easy to adjust and efficient,The following is for your reference:

But for large line boring machines, such as TDG90/TDG110/TDG150/TDG200 line boring, because the boring bar itself is relatively heavy, the rapid positioning system cannot be used.In this case, we recommend using a dial indicator,rotate the bar for fine tuning based on pre-machined bores. It is also available for using the inner caliper to adjust the centering. Adjust centering using inner caliper is also used by most people due to its precise and intuitive,the following centering using inner caliper is for your reference:

First of all, it should be clarified whether welding is allowed on the workpiece. If it is allowed, welding must be used, because this is the most stable fixing method.

After the initial installation and fixation are completed, the calipers are then used for precise measurement and adjustment. The distance from the outer diameter of the boring bar to the reference hole/circle is measured, and the upper, lower, left and right are measured separately, and the fine adjustment points of the bearing seat are used for adjustment.

When the measured data meets the original accuracy requirements, the line boring machine can then be started.

Pls check the below TDG50 set up demo:

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