When the flange face damaged, the traditional method is leak sealing, here Joysung flange facing machine could provide more thorough and durable solutions for in-situ machining.
Joysung’s internally and externally mounted flange facing machine for all types of flange facing, we have capacity to face diameters from 25.4 mm to 6000mm(1” to 236”),to achieve perfect flange surface finish and meet the industrial standard.
Joysung range of flange facing machines are suitable to handle most flange machining requirements including:Raised face flanges, RTJ flanges, Male and Female flanges, O-Ring groves, seal groove, tube shell flanges, manways, gun mountings, pipe & steam flanges, used in compressor valve, channel and shell flange in heat exchanger, surfacing for steel storage tank, hydrogenation reactor, wind turbine, and other pressure vessels.
For restoring your worn or abraded sealing surface on vessels & pipe flanges, please contact us.