Project Description

JL50 Shaft Turning Machine

Portable and effective tool, especially suitable for on site resurfacing of large shafts, stub shafts , “O “grooves and bearing journals/seats. This machine is suitable for horizontal and vertical machining, even at any angle, especially for on site machining from top to bottom.

Shaft diameter:200-450mm  Max reach range: 500mm


Lightweight Design

Total weight only 126kg, easy to move and set up.

Easy to set up

It can be installation on the end of the shaft ,only need drills and tap four mounting holes.

Smooth Cutting

Adjustable tool head and round tool bits allow quick tool positioning for accurate turning..

Drive Unit

The machine is driven by a 1.6HP electric motor, It can meet auto feed and rotation.

Shaft Diameter 200-450mm (8.0-18.0″)
Maximum Reach Range 500mm(20.0″)
Max Swing Diameter 660mm(26. 0″)
Min Swing Diameter 410mm(13.0″)
Drive Power Unit Electric, 1800W
R.P.M 0-58
Feed Rate 0-0.5mm/rev
Machine Weight 126kg
Shipping Weight 166kg