JOYSUNG, as a professional designer and manufacturer of on-site portable tools, we know the urgency of on-site special tools, so we provide a comprehensive range of portable tools from our technical office to the on-site technical team. We can customize portable machine tools for some special needs, such as: line boring ,drilling, line milling ,threading, stud remove etc, which allows us to help customers complete their work on customers’ facilities anywhere in the world without disassembling or transporting the structure that needs to be processed, whether it is Shipbuilding, wind power, automobiles, offshore, mining, plastics, furnaces, hydropower, nuclear power, foundry industries, etc.
Our KMM 300 keyway milling machine is produced under this situation:
We received a call from the tunnel shield machine manufacturer. They have many small mounting base that needs to be repair on-site, and there are a lot of quantities to be repaired, but the maintenance period given is very short.
If bolts or welding are used for fixing, the work cannot be completed within the specified time. Our engineers finally adopted the magnetic base after communicating with customers many times, which saved a lot of time and helped our customers complete their tasks ahead of schedule.
KMM300 Keyway Milling Machine Spicification:

X Axis Stroke 300mm(12″)
Y Axis Stroke 100mm(30-71″)
Z Axis Stroke 80mm(3″)
X/Y/Z Axis Feed Power Unit Manual Feed
Milling Spindle Head Taper MT3
Milling Head Drive Power Unit(standard) Electric Motor,
Spindel Head rpm 0-700
Max Cutting Diameter 80mm(3″)
Drive Power Unit- Pneumatic Single Phase,110V/230,50/60Hz,1700W
Installation Type Magnet
Machine Weight 125Kg
Shipping Weight 145Kg

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