FDG1650 Flange Facing Machine An internally mounted flange facing machine for all types of flange facing, o grooves , RTJ grooves, lens ring, heat exchanger repair etc. Facing Range: 20.0 - 65.0" Clamping Range: 20.0 - 59.0" Features: Quick set adjustable clamping jaws Swivel tool post for grooves and bevels Three mounting base. Download FDG1650 Flange facer is designed with a reinforced center spindle and a rotating cutter arm for achieving stronger stability during cutting... Superior machining It can achieve working without mounting base unit, typical applications for on-site machining of heat exchanger, blind flange, and so on, This provides users with the flexibility to make more cuts including cut “O” Ring grooves, RTJ ,lens ring, and other V grooves, standard and compact flange facings, weld preparations,and other surfaces. Precise body Precision machined dovetail ways and adjustable Turcite-B coated gibes provide smooth accurate travel, and can give machine shop accuracy . Base assembly Equipped two pieces high strength mounting base unit [...]