FDG610 Flange Facer


FDG610 Flange Facer An internally mounted,lightweight,portable flange facer for all types of flange facing, seal grooves,lens ring,RTJ grooves,weld preparation etc. Facing Range:50-610mm(2-24.0") Clamping Range: 50-558mm(2-22.0") Features: Quick set adjustable clamping jaws Aluminum alloy shipping box Three mounting bases Download FDG610 Flange Facer is a versatile flange facing machine that allows you to face, bevel, and turn pipe, valve, and pump flanges with easy, and can give machine shop accuracy. The three-piece mounting system makes setup and alignment of this machine quick and easy. It allows one operator to easily set up the machine and begin machining in just a few minutes. Superior Machining It can cuts “O” Ring grooves, Lens ring, RTJ and other V grooves, standard and compact flange facings, weld preparations etc. Lightweight & Precise Body Modular design, high-intensity of material with processing technology, which makes sure the accuracy of processing. Base assembly Equipped three pieces high strength alloy structural steel mounting bases with steel [...]