TDG90 Line Boring A modular design, most compact,portable line boring machine, used for repair holes in cranes, excavators,bulldozers, tractors, backhoes etc. Boring Dia: 95 - 700mm,Boring Stroke: 900mm Features: Quick set adjustable clamping jaws Swivel toolpost for grooves and bevels Continuous groove geared facing and boring feeds Download TDG90 line boring has strong processing capacity Ø95 to 700mm due to enhanced mount kit support and high strength boring bar, which is mainly used in repairing bores, steel structure, hinge hole, steam turbine wheel connection hole, pump and valve. Compact and modular design Rotational drive unit and feed unit can be fixed anywhere of the boring bar to achieve processing in narrow space. More portable, step less speed regulation range 0 to 0.5mm, easily achieve the forward and reverse exchange. Boring bar High-quality alloy structural steel, several times heat treatment, high strength, boring bar’s length can be up to 8 meters. Various type mount kit support Double arms, three arms, four arms and center support can [...]