Project Description

LMD1000 Gantry Milling Machine

One device, two processing modes, you can flexibly switch between line milling and gantry milling processing modes according to field working conditions and on site machining requirements.

X Axis Stroke: 1000mm (40.0 ” )  Y Axis Stroke: 1000mm (40.0″)


  • Bed connection system provides the ultimate in rigidity
  • All beds are made of forged parts of alloy structural steel
  • The arm is made of aluminum alloy

Superior machining

The LMD1000 gantry milling machine can achieve multiple machining methods. It is flexible to use line milling or gantry milling according to the actual situation.

Machining width can be adjusted freely within the specified range under gantry milling for machining surface, seal groove and square flange surface. Typical applications for repair compressor mounting base, motor mounting base, rolling mill arches, ship loaders, mining machinery etc.

Perfect Design

Forged bed structure can make sure to achieve the maximum stiffness and precision for line milling or gantry milling within accurate tolerances. It is the perfect combination between portable and rigidity. Reduce work intensity for the operator, improve machining efficiency significantly, fast and easy installation under horizontal, vertical or inverted position,you can get the job done fast.

The rigidity of the entire machine allows machining to very tight tolerance levels.

X-axis is used with high-precision heavy-duty linear guides and ball screws for reducing friction rail system to achieve extremely smooth, continuous, and non stick-slip travel.

Y-axis is used with heavy hardened dovetail way and adjustable gibs which are precision ground and hardened for accuracy and extending working life.

Fast Installation Kit

The main bed is equipped with different size of connection boards and two connection plates at both sides. Connection boards have Jacking bolts and Clamping bolts to achieve installation and level easily and fast.

Drive Power Unit

Three kinds of power drive as options. You can choose pneumatic, electric or hydraulic as power drive according to your needs. Pneumatic is for use under explosion-proof working conditions.

Hydraulic for spindle rotating and X-axis, Y-axis feed is stronger for heavy cutting.

A three-output hydraulic station can accommodate X/Y axis feed and milling spindle heads.

X Axis(Bed) Stroke 1000mm
Y Axis(Arm) Stroke – Standard 1000mm
Y Axis(Arm) Stroke – Option 2000mm, 3000mm
Z Axis Stroke 250mm
Spindle Head Taper NT40 or NT50
Maximum Cutter Diameter 160mm(NT40) or 250mm(NT50)
Milling Spindle Power
              Hydraulic 18.5KW, 60L/min
              Servo Motor 1.5KW
              Pneumatic 3KW
Auto Feed Power Unit 
              Hydraulic  20L/min
              Electric Heavy Duty Electric Feed
              Pneumatic 0.7KW
Feed Rate 35-750mm/min
Spindle R.P.M. 0-740
Digital Read Out Y/Z Axis Digital Scale
Shipping Weight
Shipping Dimensions

Operational Dimensions