Project Description

BW350 Auto BoreWelder

Our BW350 AutoBore Welder can perform inside diameter welding (I.D. weld range 40-450mm) in the vertical or horizontal position. You just need tell us what kind of your welding machine’s connection(Europe, Panasonic, Miller, Lincoln etc). We will provides bore welder with the same connection. Our portable Auto Bore Welder can directly work with your MIG wire feeder machine. It is a preferred tool for welding specialty parts and components to avoid costly replacement.

I.D. Welding Range:40-450mm, Welding Stroke:208mm


Our AutoBoreWelder BW350 provides you with an affordable bore welding system.Perfectly suited for our TDG50、TDG50IMP、TDG60 Line boring.

Superior Features

  • one operator to set up easily.
  • Reduce repair time & costs, Increase repair effectiveness.
  • Repair equipment in situ.
  • Maximize equipment uptime.
  • One set up for line boring and welding
Standard Weld range 40-450mm
Standard Weld stroke: 208mm
Standard wire size 0.8-1.0mm
Welding Process MIG
Standard step size 3mm
Amperage Rating: 140
Power Supply Requirements 120V/230V,50/60Hz
Shipping Weight
Shipping Box

Configuration & Picture

Auto Bore welder & BW350 Setup video