Project Description

TDG50IMP Line Boring

An modular design, easily installation and disassembly. It is a preferred tool for repairing earthmoving equipment like excavator, bulldozer, loader, etc. and working with our automatic bore welder to fulfill I.D., O.D orface bore welding.

Boring Diameter: 55-400mm(standard) 35-400mm(optional)


  • Integrated rotary drive unit and automatic feed unit.
  • Bore cutter measuring and diameter measuring ruler.

Compact and modular design

It could be easily used in field boring on large scale steel structure , especially for narrow space processing. Fixed can be horizontal or vertical position, Rotational drive unit and feed unit can be fixed anywhere of the boring bar. Feed unit and rotational unit are only 7KG and 5KG each, more portable, step less speed regulation range 0 to 0.5mm, easily achieve the forward and reverse exchange.

Boring bar

High quality alloy structural steel to ensure cutting accuracy due to its high strength and rigidity. Bar length has 3 options:1828mm, 2438mm,3500mm . Customized length can be available…

Drive Power Unit

Electric motor, made in Germany, single phase,1800W. It is able of cutting a maximum depth of 6mm .

Superior scalability

  • Optional one smaller boring bar to achieve boring Ø35-400mm.
  • Two sizes of facing head to achieve facing processing range Ø80-450mm.
  • Optional auto bore welder used with portable line boring.

All parts have their own unique advantages and provide guarantee for steady and accurate operation for the whole system.

Boring Diameter 55 – 400mm(standard) 35-400mm(optional)
Boring Stroke 280mm
Feed Rate  0-0.5mm/rev
Bar RPM 0-49、49-98
Drive Power Unit 110V/230V, 50/60Hz, 1800W
Boring Bar ∅50×1828mm,∅50×2438mm
Shipping Weight 125kg