Project Description

TDG110 Line Boring

A modular design, most compact,portable line boring machine, on site machining inner hole, Big scaled ship fixed hole, ship axis hole etc.

Bar Diameter:110mm, Boring Dia: 180 – 900mm


  • Quick set adjustable clamping jaws
  • Swivel toolpost for grooves and bevels
  • Continuous groove geared facing and boring feeds

Product Description

  • Modular design, easy to operate, install and remove.
  • Boring stroke — boring stroke same with boring bar’ length.
  • Feed unit — Manual and mechanical feed, three different kinds feed rate, the forward and reverse.
  • Various fixed options– rotational unit can be installed anywhere of boring bar.
  • Auto feed unit can be installed at any end of the boring bar.
  • High strength Boring bar using high-quality alloy structural steel, high strength and rigitity, boring bar’s length can be up to 10 meters and customization available.
  • Patented boring head— Achieving accuracy due to separate design of boring head, freely adjustable nut gap
  • Strong power– Servo motor or hydraulic power, achieving step less speed regulation range 5-30RPM at the constant torque.
  • Various type mount kit support—- three arms, four arms and ID mounting.

Product Specifications

Boring Bar Dia 110mm
Boring Dia Range 220 – 900mm
Boring Stroke Length of bar
Auto Feed Rate 0-0.5mm/rev
Bar R.P.M 5-30
Bar Length 3000mm,4000mm,5000mm,6000mm(standard)
Drive Power Unit
Hydraulic 25HP
Servo Motor 9.3HP(7kw)
Shipping Weight 720 kg
 Shipping Dimensions