Project Description

MFM350 Hand Power Flange Facer

Ultra-portable,handle drive power flange facer tool makes refacing easy and fast,It allows one operator to easily set up the machine and begin machining in just a few minutes.

Facing Diameter: 25.4 – 350mm  Clamping Range: 25.4-304.5mm


  •  No power supply needed
  • Weights only 7kg

MFM350 Mini Flange Facer is a handle drive power tool for on site field machining.

The MFM350 is equipped with two different lead screws and provides two different feed rates for repairing raised face and flat pipe flanges or lens ring etc.

MFM350 Mini Flange Facer is a hand power driven tool on site field machining to machining flat facing of different type and diameters of flanges。

The MFM350 is supplied with 2 different lead screws for resurfacing damaged raised-face or lens-ring joint flanges.the weight only 7.5kg, but have a wide mounting range of 25.4 mm (1”) – 304.5mm (12”) ID and is capable of facing 25.4mm (1”) – 350mm (12”) OD flanges using standard half-inch cutting tools.

MFM350 hand power machine tool can be set up anywhere without the need for electric, hydraulic or air power.

Facing Diameter Range 1-13.7″ (25.4-350mm)
Clamping Diameter Range 1-12.0″ (25.4-304.5 mm)
Min Swing Diameter 18.0″ (457.2mm)
Tool Post travel 3″ (70 mm)
Tool Post Swivel Angle + / – 30⁰
Machine Weight 7.5kg
Packing Plastic case
Shipping Weight 14.0kg
Shipping Dimensions 500x 400 x 240 mm

MFM350 Mini Flange Facer Demo