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FDG2000 Flange Facer

An internally mounted flange facing machine for all types of flange facing, seal groove machining, weld preparation, counter boring and heat exchanger repair.

Facing Range: 24.0 – 80.0″ Clamping Range: 24.0 – 72.0″


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FDG2000 Flange facer is designed with light and high precision consideration of different countries, it Adopts ascendant Processing technology to make sure the best accurateness and high efficiency. It’s widely used for petroleum, Chemical industry, electric plant, ship rebuilding…
Superior machining
It can achieve working without mounting base unit, typical applications for on-site machining of heat exchanger, blind flange, and so on, This provides users with the flexibility to make more cuts including chamfers, O-ring grooves, RTJ grooves, lens rings, beveling, and other surfaces.
Lightweight & precise body
Modular structural design, high-intensity of material with Processing technology, which makes sure the accuracy of processing.
Quick set up
Equipped two pieces high strength mounting base unit with steel threaded inserts, and adjustable feet enable the machine to be installed perfectly level and central in any flange from 610mm to 1840mm in diameter.
Option heat exchanger mounting plate, especially suitable for on-site machining of heat exchangers and blind Flanges.

Drive unit
The machine is driven by a 4HP pneumatic motor, It can achieve cuts up to a maximum depth of 2mm (0.079″) on flanges without bolt holes or 0.5mm (0.02″) with holes.


Facing Diameter Range 610-2032mm(24-80.0″)
I.D Clamp Range 610-1804mm(24-71.0″)
Min Swing Diameter 1610mm
Tool Post Stroke 102(4.0″)
Tool Post Swivel Angle + / – 30⁰
R.P.M 0-16
Drive Power Unit- Pneumatic 4Hp(3kw)
Air Consumption / Supply Required 2.69m³/min
Machine Weight (less base unit) 350Kg
Shipping Weight 720Kg
In Out Up/down
Gear mm/rev Gear mm/rev Gear mm/rev
1 0.128 1 0.151 1 0.03
2 0.251 2 0.292 2 0.06
3 0.591 3 0.691 3 0.15

Operational Dimensions

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