Project Description

FDG300 OD Mount Flange Facer

FDG300 Flange facer can be mounted externally. It is designed to refacing all types of flange faces, sealing groove machining, Lens ring, welding preparation, especially for RTJ grooves.

Facing Range: 0.0 – 12.0″  Clamping Range: 2.0 – 12.0″


  • Quick set adjustable clamping jaws
  • Tool post presets at 0°, 23°, and -23°
  • Equipped two leadscrew
  • Aluminum alloy shippint box

Our FDG300 Flange Facer is a portable, air-powered, externally mounted, gear-driven, single-point flange facing machinean for all types of flange facings, seal groove machining, lens ring, weld preparation and counter boring..


• Geared continuous groove facing feeds for Lens ring

• Powered tool post through 360 degrees

• Preloaded cross roller drive, ensuring robust, repeatable machining

Facing Diameter 0-305mm (0-12.0″)
Clamping Diameter 50-305mm (2-12.0″)
Tool post travel 50mm (2.0″)
R.P.M 0-33
Drive Power Unit
           Pneumatic 0.7kw (1.1 HP)
           Servo Motor 0.75kw(1.2HP)
Air Consumption / supply required 1.2m³/min
Electric 230V,50/60Hz
Machine Weight 45kg
Shipping Weight 90kg
Shipping Dimensions 640*600*450mm

Operational Dimensions & Picture