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How to set up a line boring machine on site?

Portable line boring machine is mainly applied to repair for shaft pin hole of mining, construction equipment and machining and maintenance on pump, value, turbine. Its offered equipment repair and maintenance services to mining, offshore, shipyard, petroleum, metallurgy and power plant industry due to its portability and powerful processing capabilities on site. Portable line boring is markedly used in sorts of industries, the following article simply list the applications of line boring machines in specific industries and installation, centering [...]

How to remove a stud belt?

Every worker will be suffered in this problem on-site. Today our JOYSUNG portable machine tools will lead you with our team to solve this problem by our TCM508 portable 3-axis CNC threaded milling machine. In the traditional way, worker always use magnetic drill machine or spark drill, to make a new hole. Poor efficiency and can’t guarantee the accuracy. Magnetic Drill Advantages: This machine only used in machining non precision required hole, it means [...]

The most efficient and effective tool for stud removal on site

Our TCM508 is a highly portable 3-axis CNC milling machine, which can accurately remove broken or broken studs and repair damaged threads accurately without manual drilling or metal disintegration technology. Complete CNC operation enables accurate and repeatable machining, while motion control command center provides the best performance monitoring and technician safety. TCM508 is completely controlled by computer(SIEMENS). Provide the required results in a safe and controlled manner in a range of bolt extraction and threading applications. [...]


JOYSUNG Machines Co.,Ltd as a professional portable machine tools designer and manufacturer in China, we have been committed to providing the most cost-effective portable machine tools for users around the world, and finding the best combination point in machining accuracy, machining efficiency and long service life. This is how our FDG1650 portable flange facing machine came into being. FDG1650 portable flange facing machine total height only 450mm,which has irreplaceable advantages in the face of some [...]