Project Description

FDG1000 Flange Facer

An internally mounted flange facing machine for all types of flange facing, seal groove machining, weld preparation, counter boring and heat exchanger repair.

Facing Range:150-1000mm(6-40.0″) Clamping Range:150-860mm(6-34.0″)


  • Quick set adjustable clamping jaws
  • Swivel toolpost for grooves and bevels
  • Continuous groove geared facing and boring feeds

FDG1000 Flange Facer is a versatile flange facing machine that allows you to face, bevel, and turn pipe, valve, and pump  flanges with easy, and can give machine shop accuracy. The two-piece mounting system makes setup and alignment of this machine quick and easy. It allows one operator to easily set up the machine and begin machining in just a few minutes.

Superior Machining

It can cut “O” Ring grooves, Lens ring, RTJ grooves,RF,weld preparations etc.

Lightweight & Precise Body

Modular structural design, high-intensity of material and processing technology, which makes sure the accuracy of processing.

Base assembly

Equipped two pieces high strength mounting base unit with steel threaded inserts, and adjustable feet enable the machine to be installed perfectly level and central in any flange from 150mm (6″) to 1000mm (40″) in diameter.

Quick Set Up

Flange facing machine adopt independent design of quick model parts, therefor , it’s fast to mount it and machining. A experienced operator will finish the mounting processing within an hour according the rightful operating process..

Drive Power Unit

The machine is driven by a 1.7KW(2.2HP ) Pneumatic motor, It can achieve cuts up to a maximum depth of 2mm (0.079″) on flanges without bolt holes or 0.2mm with holes and can achieve a flatness better than 0.02mm at 762mm (30″) diameter.

Facing Diameter Range 150-1000mm (6.0-40.0″)
Clamping Diameter Range 150-860 mm (6.0-34.0″)
Min Swing Diameter 790mm (31.0″)
Tool Post Stroke 80mm (3.0″)
Tool Post Swivel Angle + / – 23⁰
R.P.M 0-35
Drive Power Unit-Pneumatic 2.2hp (1.7kw)
Air Consumption / Supply Required 1.93m³/min
Machine Weight 128kg
Shipping Weight 305kg

Feed Rates

In Out Up/down
Gear mm/rev Gear mm/rev Gear mm/rev
1 0.128 1 0.151 1 0.03
2 0.251 2 0.292 2 0.06
3 0.591 3 0.691 3 0.15

Operational Dimensions & Picture

FDG1000 Flange Facer