Project Description

FDG3000 Flange Facer

The heavy-duty super-structure design provides maximum support for machining accuracy, it can by ID mounted , or directly on the blind flange with the mounting base, such as  heat exchanger…

Facing Range: 45.0 – 120.0″ Clamping Range: 42.0 – 110.0″


  • Large, heavy-duty high-precision engineering grade bearings
  • Multiple adjustment alignment methods
  • Automatic feed in radial and axial directions

FDG3000 Flange facer is designed with lightweight and high precision consideration of different countries, it Adopts ascendant Processing technology to make sure the best accurateness and high efficiency. It’s widely used for petroleum, Chemical industry, electric plant, ship rebuilding, wind power etc.

Precise and smooth rotary output

Large, industrial grade, high precision rotary bearings provide stable, smooth motion output throughout the entire machine facing range, It can easily handle challenging flange repair applications to meet or restore the demanding requirements of the manufacturer.

Quick and easy set up

Flange facing machine adopt independent design of quick model parts, therefore , it’s fast to mount it and machining. A experienced operator will finish the mounting processing within an hour according the rightful operating process.

Drive unit

Pneumatic & hydraulic drive options available, It can achieve cuts up to a maximum depth of 2mm (0.079″) on flanges without bolt holes or 0.5mm (0.02″) with holes.

Excellent expansion

Tube sheet mounting kit adds a mounted way for heat exchanger repair.

Milling head and distributor hoses for rotary milling

Back facing kit available for heat exchanger flange back faces in one setup.

Facing Diameter Range 1150-3048mm (45.0-120.0″)
Clamping Diameter Range 1060-2800 mm (42.0-110.0″)
Min Swing Diameter 2133mm (84.0″)
Tool Post Stroke 102mm (4.0″)
Tool Post Swivel Angle + / – 30⁰
R.P.M 0-9
Drive Power Unit
           Pneumatic 3kw (4.0hp)
           Hydraulic 11kw (25hp)
Air Consumption / Supply Required 2.69m³/min
Hydraulic Required 380v/415v,50/60hz,30L/min

Feed Rate

In Out Up/down
Gear mm/rev Gear mm/rev Gear mm/rev
1 0.128 1 0.151 1 0.03
2 0.251 2 0.292 2 0.06
3 0.591 3 0.691 3 0.15

Optional Accesseies

FDG3000 Flange Facer In China

Heat Exchanger Mounting Kit

FDG3000 Flange facing In Indonesia